Breeder of Rare Heritage Poultry

Located in the rolling hills behind Temecula wine country, we are nestled in a hidden valley near Vail Lake.  Our philosophy on breeding centers on three points: Health, Productivity, and Personality.  All of our breeder chickens must meet all three points, though sometimes we do make exceptions if they excel in only two.  We are big on breeding for natural vigor and low inputs, preferring to spend more emphasis on providing quality food and culling of those that do not thrive.  As a personal choice we do not vaccinate nor medicate except for worming and mite treatment twice yearly.

Our farm is located in an area of extremes, freezing temperatures in our short winters, hot and dry Santa Ana winds, spring and fall fluctuations of fifty degree differences in a single day are not uncommon.  The summer time temperatures exceed a hundred degrees for months on end, with occasional monsoon rains bringing heavy humidity and flash floods.  A fine coating of dust covers everthing.  Our lines of poultry are the product of generations that have survived these conditions and there is a marked improvement in the vitality of the offspring.

We ship hatching eggs throughout the country from early spring to late fall.  If you live local to us in either North County San Diego or Southern Inland Empire we offer limited amounts of chicks and juveniles throughout the year.

If you are our neighbors in the Temecula and Murrieta Valley, we will be offering small hand built chicken runs suitable for our small suburban back yards starting 2017.


Poultry we keep

American White Bresse

Cream Brabanter

Olandsk Dwarf

Black Sage Bantam

Naked Neck

Sunrise Layers


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